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Social Media School is here!!!

social media training week

Social Media Training Week 2017

March 20-24, 2017

Discover the only social media marketing training week in North Central WA!

Join fellow marketing decision makers each morning for workshops designed to inspire and empower you with social media techniques, then return throughout the afternoon for your 30-minute lab session where you’ll get answers to your specific questions!

Here’s why you should attend this training week:

#1. Networking with marketers just like you: Imagine connecting face-to-face with other decision makers just like you – as you share stories, gather ideas & build relationships that will last far beyond the training week

#2. Reduce your trial & error time: Why experiment with your social media marketing when you can fast track your time to success? The high quality training will empower you to focus on what really works in small markets

#3. Professional development: Each workshop takes you far beyond the topic by including a morning filled with hands-on exercises and a task list to help you move forward once you’re back in the office

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

What your business needs to know about Google Listings

How To Run a Facebook Group for Your VIPs

Finding your Super Fans on Instagram

Reviews & Customer Service in a Digital Age

Facebook Page Intensive, a deep dive into the settings

Early Bird Daily Rate

  • Only can make a few, no problem!

Early Bird Full Package

$125all 5 days
  • Join us for the entire week!
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Curious about the Social Media School NCW monthly membership?

Keep reading!

How Does It Work?



Only $25/mo for:



Get ready to learn what is relevant to YOUR business in NCW!



Everyone is busy these days!

  • Monthly workshop
  • exclusive NCW FB group
  • digital access to presentation materials
  • Meet your peers
  • Find out what has (and hasn’t) worked lately
  • Make new connections that are eager to support one another
  • Grab any training materials you missed (online)
  • connect with other members
  • catch April for some informal Q&A

Ready To Become A Member?

By joining Social Media Club NCW you accept the recurring membership price of $25/month
(you may cancel anytime by following the directions in your Welcome email).

Social Media Trainer, April Welch, has created a reputation in NCW as the go-to resource for your social media questions!

If you’ve attended any of April’s local workshops before, you’re already familiar with her humorous style & gentle approach to teaching overwhelming topics on social media!

Now she’s committed to making those workshops a monthly event!

Keeping things simple & affordable is the most important goal for the Social Media School as it’s launched


What is Social Media School NCW?

Monthly social media workshops hosted at locally!

How does
Social Media School NCW work?

What workshop topics can I expect with my membership?

Who should sign up for Social Media School NCW?

  1. Sign up for the membership ($25/mo)
  2. Join the exclusive FB group for conversations with your peers
  3. Enjoy additional resources & presentation materials online each month after the workshop!
  • The Ultimate Social Media Toolbag for 2017
  • Streamlining Social Media Tasks
  • Customer Service & Crisis Management in Social Media
  • Performing Your Own Social Media Audit

Store Managers
Small Business Owners
Marketing Decision Makers

Ready to become a member?

By joining Social Media Club NCW you accept the recurring membership price of $25/month
(you may cancel anytime by following the directions in your Welcome email).